My 50 keywords

Networker, Creator, Tonia, Create, Connect, Contribute, Entrepreneur, Problem Solver, Building Relationships, Connector, Empathy, Fast thinking, Commitment, Energy, Independent, Sharing, Happiness, Enthusiasm, Fun, Respect, Honesty, Whales, Dreams, Sea, Travel, India, New Zealand, Australia, Hawaii, Movies, Reading, Sailing, Golf, Ease of Use, Internet, Expertise, Business Development, Integrity, Biometrics, Yoga, The Secret, Anthony Robbins, Robin Sharma, Paulo Coelho, Spiritual, Health, Food, Drinks, Financial Independence, Enjoy Every Day!

My mission in life is

to stay healthy and fit,

to enjoy an outstanding, fantastic relationship, full of love with Tonia, our kids, family, friends and colleagues,

to be an exceptional networker, connecting and helping others effectively,

to create extraordinary ideas and concepts solving any challenge,

to continuously grow spiritually and inspire others,

to travel the world and explore nature, other cultures, etc.,

to be financially independent and wealthy enabling me to buy and do whatever I like,

to excel in my hobbies and sports,

to share and contribute to the happiness in the world,

to laugh, have fun and enjoy ever day!

My values

Creativity, Freedom, Love/Affection/Friendship, Pleasure/Fun, Honesty, Passion/Perseverance

What do I have to offer?

Create, Connect & Contribute

A vast network in various industries

Expertise in networking

Expertise in biometrics

Expertise in online solutions

Integrated communication

How to do business in Belgium, the Netherlands & India

What are YOUR needs?


  Connections - Networking


  Urgent problem/challenge/issue

  Fun ;-)

  Get in touch now, to get them fulfilled!

My contact details

  Bert Verdonck

  Oude Terelststraat 60

  B-2650 Edegem, Belgium

  T: +32 3226 0000

  F: +32 3226 0005


  Blog: Bert Verdonck's Blog

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